Community Service Tax Credit Program

     Each year since 1994, the Kansas Community Service Program (CSP) has given nonprofit organizations a way to improve their ability to undertake major capital fund-raising drives for various projects.

     CCHC was selected as a 2015 Community Service Tax Credit Organization. There were 53 applicants and 25 applications were chosen. We wish to thank all of our community supporters in this program. Your letters of support helped significantly in the efforts to get CCHC this tax credit award.
     The award will be used to replace outdated radiology equipment. The hospital's C-Arm x-ray machine is approximately 25 years old, and the fluoroscope is no longer working. Fluoro is used to detect placement of heart catheters and during biopsies to locate exactly the tissue needing to be biopsied.
     The current x-ray table is also 30 years old and needs to be replaced with a Hi-Low table that raises and lowers to meet the specific needs of both the patients and staff members. The majority of the patients that utilize the equipment are elderly, and consequently it is quite difficult for them to get on/off of the existing table. While the staff is to be commended for the remarkable job they have accomplished by continuing to deliver the highest quality of care to the patients with the current equipment, the time has come to replace the existing machine and table.

Cloud County Health Center
1100 Highland Drive
Concordia, KS 66901
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