Get In The Cloud

2015 Get in the Cloud Application Released
March 9, 2015

CloudCorp presented the new and improved Get in the Cloud guidelines and application for 2015 to the County Commissioners. The premise of the program remains the same, in that a person applying can only use the funds for permanent upgrades to an existing structure or for construction of a new building.

The new application and guidelines can be found below. Should the commission choose to fund the program, this will be the application used for the May 1st deadline. We will not know if the program will get funding until after March 31st. We wanted to get the application out there so folks could start preparing.

Please feel free to drop into CloudCorp should you have any questions about the guidelines. Word to the wise- be sure to get your application in during the first available granting period. With the amount of interest, we are anticipating many more applicants than last year.

2015 Application

2015 Guidelines


Funding for the Get in the Cloud Grant Funds is provided by the Meridian Way Wind Farm Grant Fund and disbursed by the Cloud County Commission Board. Administration of the program is provided by CloudCorp. Each year, the Cloud County Board of Commissioners sets aside $150,000 for the Grant Program.

Application for this funding program is open five times a year upon availability of funds. Specific dates are announced annually. Applications are not accepted outside of the published cycles. Full applications can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or dropped off in person at the CloudCorp office where they will be stamped with the date and time of delivery.